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About the healthy meals plan:

The healthy meal plan in 'Green & Protein' offers the service of 1 and 4 week food plans. These plans help people to balance their metabolism and increase energy by consuming tasty but at the same time healthy food.

Our healthy meal plan contains 20 different recipes during the 4 week plan, so a new recipe is served every day. The main meal is accompanied by a soup, fresh drink or delicious dessert.

All of our food is prepared in-house, including bread and sauces. Our chefs take care to prepare every day foods very carefully, adhering to strict preparation standards and paying special attention to the cleanliness of our fresh ingredients.

Terms and responsibilities

How does this meal plan work?

*Please read the information below carefully:

Diets are categorized into several types of diets:

Vegan (plant-based foods)



The main advantages of healthy meals are:
  1. Eat delicious and healthy food
  2. Save time on cooking and grocery shopping
  3. You have less stress to think about what to eat every day
  4. You have more time for yourself
  5. You feel more energetic, available and healthier
  6. Get free delivery within Pristina
Types of subscriptions and prices:

4-week subscription, €109 (20 meals, 40 products)

1-week subscription, €29 (5 meals, 10 products)